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NJY Technology Co., Ltd, a global leader in touch technology, develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of touch screen and touch monitor products. NJY offers the largest selection of touch screens , LCD touch monitors and delicately designs each product for the special requirements of diverse applications such as industrial facility, medical facility, POS, kiosks, hospitality, transportation, office automation, gaming machines and retail. 

NJY has a strong research team and has many multinational patents since years ago. NJY's excellent- quality products and leading technology wins customers' trust. We care what you need.

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  1. 2014/10/08Market Segment



  1. HCR-TCON V3 TCON Board
  2. KYV-N2 V2 LCD controller board
  3. NJY2261 V1.0 LCD Controller
  4. M.NT68676.2A  LCD/LED Controller Board
  5. NJY6M16 V2.0C LCD controller board
  6. NJYTSU26 V6.0C TV Controller
  7. NJY562C LCD Controller Board
  8. NJY2660 V2.1 LCD Controller Board