• FFC Cable

    Our company provides customization and production of all FFC cables....
  • LCD Cable OEM/ODM

    1. MOQ for longer LVDS cable is 200pcs; please send us your required length for checking. Better not longer than 1m to ensure its feasibility. 2. MOQ for longer special LVDS cable is 1000pcs. Please show us your detailed requirement. Better provide a sample for checking....
  • LCD Controller Board OEM/ODM

    1. Detailed request should be provided for feasibility evaluation of OEM/ODM; 2. Sample of LCD screen should be forwarded to us for research and development;...
  • Touch Panel OEM/ODM

    1. Customers confirm the sizes, technical specifications as well as all relative requirements of the touch panel with our sales representatives. 2. Drawing will be created by engineers according to customer's requirements in details, and it will be sent to customers for approval....
  • Custom LED Auto Lamp Designs

    Custom versions, sizes and assemblies are available for many of our products. If you require custom variations for any of the products on our website, please contact us...
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