Resistive Driver for SuSE Linux (for x86)


Touchkit Drive Installation guide for SuSe 9.0

The Touchkit drive package for SuSe 9.0 is To install this package, it needs the share utility uuencode/uudecode.You can find this package in the SuSe 9.0 disc. It should be sharutils-xxx-xx.rpm. Please install this package before both "compact" and "full" mode installation.

After drive installation, the default setting Sound was turned off . To enable the sound, Please edit the configuration file /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc. Find the section

#Add your own lines here...

Add the following line in the section

/usr/bin/tpaneld -f &


Then ,save it .

For other detail installation procedure, Please take a reference to the User Guide for Linux.

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